anrky wheels model AN25 and AN32

ANRKY wheels come from a long line of automotive enthusiasts and are admirers of all things mechanical. Decades of study and behind-the-scenes participation in all aspects of the empire has guided them to an intense appreciation of the absolute best craftsmanship, quality, design, engineering, and manufacturing.

There exists a plateau; a stagnation of fresh vision, that has resulted in industry-wide mediocrity. We are here to fill the broad gap we see in the aftermarket world. A gap clouded with marketing smoke and decorative mirrors.

ANRKY is produced by the industry leader in the development and manufacturing of custom wheels. HRE wheels. So the quality of the wheels is second to none.

We are nothing short of excellence – We are ANRKY.

All Anrky wheels are currently added to the online shop, is your design not their yet, then please feel free to ANRKY wheels us with your desires.