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racechip power increase through chip tuning

Racechip is your professional engine tuning partner. They are one of the largest chip tuning companies with well over 100,000 customers around the world, Their popular chip tuning modules, RaceChip®, RaceChip® Pro2 and RaceChip® Ultimate have been developed by their engineers to increase engine power without compromising vehicle components.

The Racechip products will delight you. Install it yourself in a few minutes. Their supplemental control unit provides many vehicles with turbo diesel or turbo petrol engines a power increase of up to 31%. At the same time, you can save up to 1 litre fuel per 100 kilometres.

How RaceChip chip tuning works
Racechip reads data from the engine control unit in real time, and optimise many characteristics. These data include items such as injection timing, injection quantity, injection pressure, boost pressure and air mass.

As opposed to tuning using the OBD interface, the control unit itself is not overwritten. Thus the RaceChip® leaves no evidence after being removed, and the manufacturer’s software remains in place even after software updates.

For the engineers at RaceChip® the advantages of Chiptuning by using an additional control device(piggy-back) predominate, therefore, the decided on this variation of Chiptuning.

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