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Novitec rosso

NOVITEC first gained fame in 1989 for tuning Italian cars, with the success of their, for those days, extravagant tunings for Alfa Romeo and Fiat. As NOVITEC’S satisfied clientele continued to grow, the natural line of progression was obvious: bespoke programs for Italian super cars Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. NOVITEC Rosso was born.


Today, Novitec specialises in highly developed and precise engine modifications, as well as the highest quality products adopting optimal technical efficiency and avant-garde styling for Ferrari, lamborghini and Maserati automobiles. NOVITEC Rosso’s goal is not to make any fundamental changes to one of the most aesthetic automobiles on the road today, but rather to create an exclusive and extensive range of exceptional options for the discerning individualist. Quality awareness and determination, coupled with creativity and vision, have forged NOVITEC Rosso into one of the most successful companies in the automotive tuning industry. Novitec Rosso – PERFORMANCE EN VOGUE.


The Novitec group is divided in 3 divisions:

  • Novitec Rosse - for Ferrari
  • Novitec Torado - for Lamborghini
  • Novitec Tridente - for Maserati


For more information about Novitec and for the full range of Ferrari, lamborghini and Maserati performance and enhancement products. please feel free to contact us.