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Dodo Juice

3ddesign aerodynamics and body kits for BMW

Dodo Juice was founded in 2007 by PJ and Dom , two entrepreneurial types who had conceived to take a good shake up, to serve a double espresso and jump. Their bed on the car care industry the idea

Moe van de prehistorische marketing trucs en de massaproducten van de autopoetsmiddelenindustrie, is Dodo Juice opgericht met één doel voor ogen – het creëren van hoogwaardige autoverzorgingsproducten voor de enthousiasteling, voor realistische prijzen en zonder pompeuze claims.">Tired of prehistoric marketing tricks and mass-produced car polish industry, Dodo Juice founded with one goal in mind - creating high quality car care products for the enthusiast , at realistic prices without pompous claims. Dodo Juice gaat de strijd aan met merken zoals Swissvax en Zymöl die waxen voor een veelvoud aanbieden! Dodo Juice goes into battle with brands such as Swissvax and Zymol wax that offer a multitude !

Dodo Juice has started bringing only five handmade waxes on the market. In 2008 is de range uitgegroeid tot negentien producten, allen gemaakt in Groot Brittannië door een klein team van toegewijde specialisten.">In 2008 the range has grown to nineteen products , all made in Britain by a small team of dedicated specialists. The waxes are well received by the community detailing , and are used by professionals and enthusiasts . Dodo Juice's newest wax , Supernatural ( wrapped in a handmade , custom -made airtight container from sustainable hardwood ) , was sold out within 25 minutes . The Supernatural can easily compete with the most expensive topwaxen like Swissvax Divine ( € 1900 , - ) and the Zymol Royale ( € 4800 , - ) !

Altogether Dodo Juice a company that is different from others and proud. Proud that its logo is hard to read , proud of his distinctive website ( ) and proud of his friendliness , accessibility and docility . Someday it might even be seen fulfilled his ambition - buying a volcanic island , complete with monorail and laser . Then the competition will only have more reason to worry .


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