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Breyton wheels velgen

To the owner of Breyton Design GmbH, Edmund Breyton, autotechnic and autodesign were his dearest hobbies during his IT study. Very soon, it was clear that he cannot evade his passion for automobile tuning so he founded the engineering office EBS in Stockach in 1982. Initially, the field of activity of his company was to develop design studies for several automobile purifiers and automobile manufacturers, especially AMG and BMW.
Due to increasing demand and popularity for his expertise, Edmund Breyton expanded his distribution network and in 1985, he introduced his first own design line for aerodynamic parts.

Today, breyton design GmbH has a big assortments of alloy wheels designs and dimensions for BMW and BMW M-division. The key to success is based on the high quality requirements which breyton design GmbH has to both itself and to its suppliers.


Breyton design GmbH remains a priority in the BMW tuning sector. Creativity, innovation and quality contributed to that. These values will always be the basis and reasons for the continued success of breyton design GmbH.


Current popular wheels are the Breyton GTS, Breyton GTSR-M, Breyton GTP, Breyton Spirit, Breyton LS, Breyton GTR.



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