BMW E82 1M coupe with Akrapovic Slip-on exhaust and wireless kit

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013

 Last week we did the Valencia Orange Metallic BMW 1M Coupe with the Akrapovic Slip-on exhaust and akrapovic wireless kit. This week we have another BMW 1M coupe, but this time in black. The BMW 1M coupe got the exact same treatment, but already had the midpipes installed from a N54, so it produced a louder and deeper sound.

The Akrapovic slip-on exhaust gives a deeper rumble of an exhaust note compared to stock exhaust of the BMW E82 1M without any drone. However, the muffler system is built in such a way that by replacing a blocking plate with the optional Akrapovic Wireless kit valve system the driver is able to noticeably increase the volume of the exhaust at the press of a button. Once activated, the majority of the exhaust gases route through the muffler bypass outlets. Even when installed on an otherwise stock vehicle, power gains are achieved and weight reduction realized. We completed the look with a set of four exquisite Akrapovic tailpipes in carbon fibre.

Akrapovic Slip-on exhaust for BMW E82 1M coupe

Akrapovic Wireless kit for BMW E82 1M coupe

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Akrapovic_uitlaat_Slip_on_evolution_system_BMW_E82_1M_M1_coupe Akrapovic_exhaust_uitlaat_Slip_on_evolution_system_BMW_E82_1M_M1_coupe Akrapovic_exhaust_uitlaat_Slip_on_evolution_system_BMW_E82_1M_coupe  Akrapovic_exhaust_Slip_on_evolution_system_BMW_E82_1M_M1_coupe

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