BMW 1-series F21 on Vorsteiner V-FF101 wheels

Posted by on Aug 12, 2013

Last week we finshed this BMW 1-series F21. The finishing touch were the Vorsteiner V-FF101 wheels. The F21 does not have a lot of room for wheels, but we managed to put a 8,5 x 19 in front and 10,0 x 19 in the rear!

The BMW 1-series was already lowered with a KW V1 suspension kit and had some nice accessories from the BMW M-performance package.

We can offer the Vorsteiner V-FF101 Flow Forged wheels in 19 and 20 inch, for any car you ca imagine. Interested? Feel free to contact us, or visit our online shop:

Vorsteiner v-ff01 wheels

BMW_F30_f31_3-series_vorsteiner_vff101_flow_forged_forged_wheels_19_inch BMW_F30_f31_3-series_vorsteiner_vff101_flow_forged_forged_wheels_19_incg BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_vff101_flow_forged_forged_wheels BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_v-ff101_flow_formed_forged_wheels BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_v-ff101_flow_formed_forged_wheels_19_inch BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_v-ff101_flow_formed_forged_velgen BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_v-ff101_flow_formed_forged_velgen_19_inch BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_v-ff101_flow_formed_forged_velgen_19_inch_KW_Suspension BMW_F20_f21_1-series_vorsteiner_v-ff101_flow_formed_forged_velgen_19_inch_KW_schroefset

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