Akrapovic Evolution exhaust Audi RS4 and RS5 B8

Posted by on Sep 13, 2013

We showed you the Youtube video of the Akrapovic Evolution exhaust for Audi RS4 and RS5 B8 system earlier this week. Today we will show you the pictures of this great exhaust system.

The white Audi RS5 B8 is also equiped with the BBS CH-R wheels in 20 inch. This titanium Akrapovic exhaust system for Audi RS5 has three mufflers, an X-link pipe, and special parts cast at the in-house foundry of Akrapovic feature inbuilt valves to adjust the sound. Valves are connected to the RS’ standard electronics. The package is rounded off by carbon fibre and titanium tailpipes, which really stand out and display the sports spirit of the Akrapovič exhaust.

If you are interested in one of the systems of Akrapovic or the BBS wheels, feel free to contact us:

BBS CH-R wheels for Audi RS5 B8
Akrapovic Evolution exhaust for Audi RS5 B8 and RS4 B8

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Audi_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_19_inch_akrapovic_evolution_auspuff Audi_rs5_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_akrapovic_evolution_uitlaat Audi_rs5_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_akrapovic_evolution_Exhaust Audi_rs5_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_akrapovic_evolution_auspuff Audi_rs5_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_20_inch Audi_rs5_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_19_inch Audi_rs5_b8_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_akrapovic_evolution_Exhaust Audi_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_akrapovic_evolution_Exhaust Audi_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_20_inch_akrapovic_evolution_Exhaust Audi_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_20_inch_akrapovic_evolution_auspuff Audi_b8_RS4_bbs-CH-R-CHR_wheels_19_inch_akrapovic_evolution_Exhaust

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